5 Practicalities Of Garden Awnings

Emily Wells

BY Emily Wells

Published: 25 January 2023 Updated: 01 August 2023

Here are the top 5 benefits of having an awning in your garden

Gives protection from different weather conditions

Investing in a folding arm awning over your deck or outdoor patio space provides essential protection from a range of different weather conditions. 

These motorised awnings act as a clever barrier between the direct sunlight and your windows, to stop the rays from unnecessarily heating up your home from the inside out.  Awnings will also decrease the temperature on your outdoor patio dramatically, so you (and your pets) can enjoy the sun safely without feeling overheated. 

Folding arm awnings are also a great solution if the weather does decide to turn a little windy, as wind, sun and motion sensors can be installed so that the awnings automatically retract when the breezy conditions arrive. This automatic function means the awning doesn’t run the risk of being damaged in heavier weather.

Black Stripe Folding Arm Awning 590X443

Blocks harmful UV rays entering the home

Straight drop awnings are an extremely practical solution for external windows that hold large amounts of glass. Although glass can effectively stop some UV rays from entering into the home, at least 50% of radiation can pass through windows, so it’s important you protect your windows externally to reduce this number. 

Straight drop awnings, which sit on the outside of your window, come in a range of fabrics, like canvas and acrylic, which are all designed to reduce the amount of UV rays projecting through.

Straight Drop Awning 590X230

Low maintenance and easy to keep looking fresh

As mentioned previously, awnings in an acrylic fabric have superior UV and heat protection, but it’s also very easy to keep this fabric looking fresh for many years, as it’s mildew and mould resistant.

Coming in a range of stylish colours and boasting beautiful fabric weaves, outdoor acrylic fabrics for your awning give the ultimate look and feel. And the best part, you don’t have to worry about replacing it as it’ll continue looking like new for years and years.

For quick and easy maintenance (maybe once a month), I’d recommend brushing off any loose dirt, mixing some water and mild soap together and spraying it directly on the awning. Then just use a soft bristle brush to gently wipe over the awning. Leave it to air dry and you’re finished… simple.

Green Celebration Folding Arm Awnings Extended From A Home Verandah Victory 1 617X410

Provides privacy

If high buildings or houses overlook your garden, awnings work as the perfect solution to stop those nosey neighbours from looking into your home. 

Traditional awnings can be controlled easily by just the tug of a hand, so if there’s a party next door and you don’t want any guests having a glance at your belongings in the home, you can gently pull the awnings down for enhanced privacy.

Traditional Awnings

Enhances your home and living environment

Adding an awning to your outdoor area is an ideal way to expand your seasonal living space, whilst also adding value to your home without those costly renovations. 

Try combining the awnings in your alfresco area with integrated lighting, so you can stay outside and still feel comfortable late into the evening.

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