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Straight Drop Awnings are a traditional style awning without the fuss of pulleys and cords. Instead you have the options of spring operation, crank handle operation and motorisation. With a Straight Drop Awning, you can lower or raise your awning to any position and there’s no fixed guide, allowing the sides to be open for greater airflow.

Victory’s Straight Drop Awnings are great for pergolas, patios, outdoor living areas and for external windows. Available in mesh, canvas and acrylic fabrics, our Straight Drop Awnings will protect your home from the heat and harmful UV rays. All of the components are also available in a wide range of powder coat colours so you can colour match with your surrounding decor.

Victory Quality Finishes

Gap Reduction Clips 

These help to reduce standout and is perfect for buildings in high traffic areas, providing safety for pedestrians and vehicles. 


Durable Materials

The interchangeable spring provides great fabric tension throughout the life of the awning. 


Motorised Options

Make Awning operation simple and absolutely effortless! Upgrade your Awning with our full range of weather sensors to protect your Awning during inclement weather.

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