Sprucing Up Your Home In Time For Autumn

Emily Wells

BY Emily Wells

Published: 22 February 2023 Updated: 26 July 2023

To align with the change in season, re-decorating the home and making it a little cosier is essential this Autumn. We’re advising 4 quick and easy considerations you can make for redecorating your home before Autumn says hello.


Autumn is the best season to experiment with some warmer shades in the home, to give your living environment a little lift as the temperature drops. Embrace an autumnal colour palette rich in yellows and oranges and accompany with muted shades, like olive greens and pale blues, for that grounded feel. Don’t be afraid of warm colours – they have the ability to enhance cosiness and make a room feel more inviting for entering guests.

Rose Gold Pinch Pleat Curtians


If an extra bright colour isn’t to your taste, you can add some lighter shades to the home this Autumn through simple, everyday accessories, like cushions. Some pale baby blue cushions draped on a sofa can transform a whole room from soothing to super soothing, and are an easy and cheap update to spruce up the space with a little colour. 

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Outdoor living

Even when the temperature takes a little dip in Autumn, there’s still every reason to enjoy a touch of outdoor living. Awnings are the perfect external solution to provide protection from the crisp, fresh breeze that can make its appearance. A traditional awning will block those bothersome gusts of wind, meaning you’ll be able to dine alfresco in a peaceful and enjoyable way.

Green Celebration Folding Arm Awnings Extended From A Home Verandah Victory 1 617X410

Outdoor lifestyle

It’s called outdoor living for a reason, because you can make it part of your lifestyle. Outdoor sofas bring style, comfort and practicality to your garden area creating an open space great for socialising. 

Characterise an outdoor sofa with cosy cushions and fluffy throws to build an outdoor escapism you can’t wait to spend time in. 


Spare rooms

Autumn is the perfect time to transform your spare room, as we begin to crave cosiness in our homes. There are a number of options to consider when transforming your space:


Everyone is seeking sanctuary  where they can hide away from the rest of the family for a few hours at a time to prize as their own. With the rising cost of living, staying in can be the new going out if you create a cinema at home! The Australian football league starts at the end of March, making it the perfect time to add comfy seating and relaxing accessories into your little nook. If you’re ready to embrace convenience, then motorised window furnishings are the perfect option here meaning you can really enjoy that relaxing lounge without having to get up a miss a minute of action.

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Work spaces

Most spare rooms can fit a small desk and chair, perfect for working from home. Stick to calming colours, a pastel pink will keep your creative juices flowing whilst working but be cautious about going too bright as this could leave you feeling overwhelmed.  Unwanted glare on a computer screen is a common dilemma in a home office, which can be eliminated by opting for shutters which allow you to control light and privacy. 

Shu3 648X648

Let in the light

Warm and comfortable temperatures are maintained in Autumn, so we can still expect to see that peachy autumnal light flooding through our windows! You’ll want to make the most of natural light entering your home so be sure to incorporate mirrors into your room. Not only will they trick the eye into thinking your room is bigger but it will also bounce the light straight around your room.

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Venetian blinds

Be careful around Easter time when you may have more chocolate lying around as we don’t want any melting in that autumnal sun.  The slats of venetian blinds can be titled accordingly to filter light and are ideal for humid and damper areas like the kitchen. 

  • For more tips and techniques on how to dress your home for the Autumn season, please visit our look book
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