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Emily Wells

BY Emily Wells

Published: 27 August 2022 Updated: 19 June 2024

One of Australia’s 2022 popular interior design trends is all about connecting your home to nature, bringing the outdoors in and introducing a natural style to your interiors. Sometimes, we can get too caught up in making our homes appear modern, with futuristic furniture or an abundance of smart features.

It’s time to turn back the clock and explore the beauty of returning your home to its roots. 


Your bedroom should be a place of solace, somewhere that’s easy to relax so you can get your 8 hours of sleep in every night. Achieving a natural aesthetic in this space can be done without hassle, all you need is a few simple furnishings.

Timber shutters are a perfect addition to any bedroom, creating that naturalistic feel with a natural product. They allow you to control the light that enters your space, or block it out completely, and can be paired with curtains for better insulation. Our range of shutter finishes and curtain fabrics are ideal for replicating this trend in your home.

Colour schemes are also important when it comes to this style, as bold and brash themes can contradict a natural approach. Instead, try choosing soft and subtle tones such as beige, off white and duck egg shades. This will create a calming feel to your room, allowing you to relax with ease.

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Kitchens are the heart of every home and so connecting this space to nature can encourage you to replicate this trend throughout. Wooden finishes, bamboo chopping boards and soft colour schemes is the perfect way to kick-start your natural kitchen.

For kitchens that lead out onto your garden or patio, decorating with greenery, real or fake, can help you capture that outdoorsy feel whilst in the comforts of your own home.

Another easy way of recreating this trend is utilising any natural features you currently have in your kitchen. This could be anything from exposed brick walls to rustic window frames, aspects of your home that would’ve been covered up if creating a modern aesthetic.


Living Room

A space for socialising and relaxing, living rooms can benefit greatly from a natural theme. Soft furnishings such as floor length curtains or roman blinds in soothing tones, can create a homely and natural feel to this room.

Wooden coffee tables, plenty of cushions and rustic themed rugs can all bring your living room down to earth, removing the pristine feel that is often associated with modern homes. Opt for a brown and beige colour scheme to achieve that neutral style everyone will love.



You might think your garden or patio area is already natural enough, but there’s still ways to adapt these spaces even more.

Wooden or wicker garden furniture blends in nicely with outdoor surroundings, especially on natural floorings like stone or slate. Surrounding these spaces with plenty of natural characteristics, such as rockeries, planters and even water features, allows your outdoor furniture to blend in nicely and make you feel even more connected with nature.

Similar to your living space, the addition of cushions, blankets and other soft furnishings is a great way of decorating for this trend, capturing that rustic feel both inside and outside.

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For the easiest way to connect your home to nature, why not start with window coverings. Browse our wide collection of natural themed fabrics and finishes and choose the perfect one for your home.

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