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Why choose Victory curtains?

contemporary living room with grey couch black lamp white sheer curtain

Why choose Victory curtains?

We've been transforming indoor spaces with our expert touch for over 35 years. From consultation through to professional installation, our in-home service is all included in the price.


Our quality products are designed to last and come fully guaranteed for up to five years, providing you with confidence in every purchase.

contemporary living room with grey couch black lamp white sheer curtain

Benefits of curtains

white blockout curtain in dining room with a table and chairs

Benefits of curtains

- Choose from a variety of heading options to add some character to your curtains


- Maintain your privacy and control the natural light flow in any room


- Match your window furnishings to your home décor with our wide range of colours and fabrics


- Make your curtains motorised and control them via remote for extra convenience. The motor is neatly concealed behind the curtains and the curtain rod is available in varying lengths

white blockout curtain in dining room with a table and chairs

Which curtains are the right choice for me?

Lounge area with a couch, chair and table complemented by a light grey blockout curtain

Which curtains are the right choice for me?

Our comprehensive buying guide is tailored to help you choose the perfect curtains from our diverse collection of fabrics and header types, spanning various curtain styles including door, window, bedroom, and living room curtains.

Curtains Buying Guide
Lounge area with a couch, chair and table complemented by a light grey blockout curtain

Our curtains service


In-home consultation

Initial Consultation

Explore our full range of curtain fabrics and colours with a local design consultant who'll help you find the best style to complement your space


Measure and quote

Measure And Quote

During the visit, your consultant will take precise measurements and provide a personalised quote




Your custom-made curtains are handcrafted by experts using the highest quality materials


Professional installation

Installation (Curtains)

Your installer returns to fit your curtains and talk you through anything you need to know

Curtains value collection

This exclusive collection has been carefully curated to bring you affordable and stylish curtains, made to our usual high quality standards and priced to offer exceptional value for money.

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Sheer bathroom curtains opening next to a white bath in a neutral bathroom


What curtain styles are available?

We offer a diverse range of curtain styles, each tailored to meet specific preferences and room requirements. Sheer curtains are perfect for those desiring excellent light filtering, suitable for any room. Blockout curtains, a top choice for bedrooms and cinema rooms, provide optimal light control. Our S Fold curtains feature a modern and elegant continuous wave-like fold, adding a touch of sophistication and personal style to your space. Eyelet curtains, known for versatility and easy installation, complement various room types with their contemporary appearance. Pinch Pleat curtains showcase a tailored and timeless look, with pleats gathered at the top for a classic aesthetic. Finally, Pencil Pleat curtains offer a casual and versatile style with gathered pleats that resemble a row of pencils.

What curtain headings are available?

Curtain headings play a pivotal role in defining the aesthetics of your curtains. Choose double Pinch Pleat curtains for a refined and formal touch, while Pencil Pleat curtains offer versatility and timeless appeal. The Eyelet curtain heading showcases metal rings along the top edge, creating evenly spaced openings for a chic and contemporary look. Dive into modern elegance with S-Fold curtains, featuring a distinctive wave-like shape at the top, achieved through a specialised curtain track.

How to measure curtains?

For accurate curtain measurements, our friendly team of experienced consultants provide a complimentary in-home appointment. They'll bring our range to measure your doors and windows precisely, ensuring your new curtains fit perfectly. Our team will expertly install them, tailored to your needs.

How to hang curtains?

Hanging curtains properly is key for both functionality and aesthetics. You can choose between floor-length curtains for a luxurious feel or shorter ones for a modern look, ensuring they complement your window height. You can also layer curtains with roller blinds or shutters for added versatility and style.

How to choose curtains for the living room?

Choosing living room curtains involves balancing practicality and functional needs with aesthetics. Consider your needs for privacy, sun protection, and insulation, guiding your fabric and lining choices. Harmonise with your room's style and colour scheme for a tailored look. Our local consultants are ready to offer professional advice for the perfect curtains that match your style and needs.

How to clean curtains?

Cleaning curtains can vary depending on several factors such as the texture of the fabric and the type of dust or stains present. For curtains that are easy to clean, a simple method is to use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to regularly remove dust and debris. This helps in keeping the curtains looking fresh and dust-free. However, for curtains with more stubborn stains or dirt, it may be necessary to consider other cleaning methods such as spot cleaning or professional dry cleaning. Always refer to the care instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure the best cleaning approach for your specific curtains.

How to remove mould from curtains?

To remove mould from curtains with thermal backing, first, assess the mould's location, prioritise safety, and brush off loose spores. Clean small areas with mild detergent, avoiding saturation, and rinse thoroughly. Air-dry in a well-ventilated space. For extensive or uncertain cases, consult specialists.

How to layer sheer and blockout curtains?

To layer sheer and blockout curtains, consider placing sheer curtains on the inside for a soft visual effect or letting blackout curtains face inside for a bolder statement. This provides benefits like temperature regulation, enhanced privacy, and improved light control in living areas. For personalised advice, book a free consultation with our experienced design consultants.

What curtain accessories do you have?

For your curtains, we offer a variety of accessories, including curtain tiebacks, padded pelmets, round rods, cord-drawn, hand-drawn, folded and sewn hems, weighted bottom hems, and other essential accessories to enhance the setup of your curtains for your homes.

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