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Kim Ray

BY Kim Ray

Published: 31 January 2019 Updated: 10 January 2024

Buying shutters for your home is a major investment. Before you buy, read our guide and find out how to choose the right shutters for any room.

Shutters are a sophisticated choice that can suit any style of decor, from traditional to modern. They’re also highly practical — shutters can block out light, insulate your room, and add privacy. 

Yet, shutters are a significant investment. Before you buy shutters, it pays to get informed. Our handy guide takes you through the different shutters available — as well as the benefits of each. We’ll cover your top questions, from buying shutters to installation.

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Buying DIY Shutters vs. Done For You Shutters

Should you DIY your shutters or get custom shutters? Shutters are more costly to fix and replace than other window treatments. Even a small measurement error can make shutters unusable.

That’s why we highly recommend you get professional help choosing and installing your shutters. “Done for you” shutters can save you time, money, and disappointment in the long run.

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Questions People Ask About Buying Shutters

1. Are shutters OK for a bathroom or a wet room?
Shutters are an excellent choice for bathrooms and wet rooms. However, you must choose the right shutters for the job! Otherwise, you’ll have warped or peeling shutters before very long. Bathrooms are wet and steamy. You need special blinds that are moisture-resistant. Victory Blinds’ PVC shutter range is waterproof, so they’re specially designed to last and last.

2. Do kitchens require a special type of shutter?
When shopping for kitchen shutters, look for materials that resist condensation, are easy to clean, and resist odors. PVC shutters are great options for windows located near sinks and stoves. In dining areas, you may be able to use timber shutters. Victory Blinds design consultants can help you choose between various kitchen shutter options. Reach out for a free consultation.

3. What if I have an odd-shaped or bay window?
It can be difficult to buy shutters off the shelf or online if you have windows that aren’t a standard size or shape. Victory Blinds’ shutters are made-to-measure, which means we can craft and fit them to virtually any size and shape window.

4. How do I choose the right colour for my shutters?
It can be difficult to match shutters to your room. Even “white” shutters come in various shades. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the decision! If you’re shopping online, be aware that what you see on screen may not be accurate. It can be very difficult to tell the true colour of shutters if you buy online. When you book a consultation with Victory Blinds, we bring the samples to your home in our mobile showroom.

Our decor consultants will walk you through the options and advise you on choosing the perfect shades to complement any room.

5. Can you fit shutters to patio or bifold doors?
It’s absolutely possible to fit shutters to a patio or a bifold door. Victory Blinds tracked shutters are perfect for covering wide expanses, allowing for multiple shutter panels to open and close along a track effortlessly.

6. Which shutters are best for light and privacy control?
Different types of shutters allow for more or less control. Plantation shutters have louvre blades that you can adjust. Tilt the shutter blades up for more privacy, while still allowing sunlight to filter through.

Split control shutters have top and bottom sections which open independently, giving you the flexibility to decide where you want light and privacy the most. External aluminum shutters are perfect for bedrooms, as they’re superb at blocking out external light and noises, making your bedroom sleep-friendly.

7. Are shutters safe for a child’s bedroom?
Shutters are a popular choice for a child’s bedroom. However, DIY shutters may not be safe if they’re not installed properly. Professionally installed shutters are the best choice for a child’s bedroom. Done right, shutters may be the safest window treatment for a child’s room because they feature no operating cords or chains.

8. What shutter louvre width should I go for?
Generally, thinner slats look better on smaller windows, while wider slats are ideal for bigger windows. Victory Blinds offers three different shutter louvre widths: 63mm, 89mm, and 114mm. Your decor consultant will let you see each of them to help you choose the best option for your window.

9. Is there anything else that goes into choosing shutters?
Yes! When you select shutters, you can choose finishes, too. At Victory Blinds, we offer a range of finishes, including a centre tilt rod, concealed tilt rod, a variety of hinge colours, and frame styles. Your decor consultant will bring the whole collection of accessories to your appointment.

Beware of Installing Your Own Shutters

Unless you’re a professional, think twice before you take on a complicated installation like shutters.

Shutters that aren’t mounted properly can fall and cause injury. You can also damage your walls or new shutters when you try to DIY your installation.

Skip the stress and risk. With Victory Blinds, just sit back, relax, and get your custom shutters professionally installed.

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Cost of DIY Shutters vs. Done For You Shutters

Shutters are an investment that can pay off in the long run.

When you buy beautiful shutters, you can increase your home value. Shutters add the “wow” factor to any room. Even before you put your home on the market, the right shutters can help you to save money on heating and cooling, too. However, some homeowners spend too much when they try to DIY shutters.

If you mismeasure, you can waste hundreds or thousands of dollars. There’s also the chance you’ll be dissatisfied with your DIY shutters and in a rush to replace them.

Often, custom shutters cost less over time because you won’t have to replace them for many years. At Victory Blinds, we’ve helped thousands of customers make smart investments in custom shutters.

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