Keeping Your Home Secure

Kim Ray

BY Kim Ray

Published: 31 January 2019 Updated: 02 May 2023

Crime statistics are on the rise. Every day we’re hearing of home invasions and aggravated burglaries. Break-ins have become common place in the headlines all over the country. And when someone breaks into your home, you’re losing more than just your valuable possessions. The ordeal can leave you and your family in a whirl of fear of what could happen next. 

But the good news is that there are simple ways of keeping your home secure. Prevent your home from being an easy target for burglars with these handy tips.

Lock Up

This is such a simple tip, yet so many people are complacent when it comes to locking up. Maybe you leave the back door unlocked while you duck to the shops, or maybe you don’t bother locking it at all. Make it difficult for intruders to enter your home; don’t give them an easy way in. Keep all of your doors, windows and all other access points locked. Deadlocks can also help prevent items being easily removed from your home.

Lock Up

Look at Your Home through the Eyes of a Criminal

Where would you try and break in if you were a criminal? What parts of your house might be more susceptible to tampering? Address these areas first.

MEP Securitypic Min 590X594

Keep Valuables out of Sight

Avoid keeping your valuables visible from your windows. Stow your precious jewellery in a safe place away from prying eyes or somewhere they can’t be easily accessed. Privacy is key here too. Closing your curtains and blinds can prevent intruders seeing your iPad on the bench or the spare keys on the hall stand. (Or our translucent Roller Screens give you day time privacy and the advantage of filtering natural light.)

Keep Valuables Out Of Sight

Secure Your Access Points

Your doors and windows can be an easy target for burglars. Durable products such as Victory’s Roller Shutters are the best way to keep your home secure. Security Window Film can also provide advanced protection with its tinted properties and will hold the glass together in the event of an accident.

Secure Access Points

Technology is Your Friend

Technology is a wonderful thing. It can be our eyes and ears when we are not around and can help to deter intruders around the clock. Motion sensor lights, alarm systems, and cameras are all handy preventative measures too for when you aren’t at home.

Timed devices and smart automation allow you to control your lights, window coverings, and more with your tablet or phone from anywhere in the world. So if you aren’t at home for long periods of time or on holiday, you can make it look like someone is home.

Technology Your Friend (1)

Get the Right Advice

Have an expert come to you and give you the right advice for your home. Victory can help to protect your home with our range of security products, all without sacrificing the aesthetic of your home.

Have one of our Décor Consultants come to you for a free in-home consultation and quote today.

Give us a call on 13 13 99 for inspiration and advice on quality and custom made window coverings.

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