Maintaining Your Outdoor Blinds & Shutters Over Winter

Kim Ray

BY Kim Ray

Published: 24 April 2023 Updated: 01 August 2023

Once the temperature starts to drop, you’ll probably find yourself spending less time outside and more time indoors, with patio and garden areas, used more infrequently. If this is the case, you may find yourself forgetting about your outdoor furnishings.

When not in use your outdoor blinds and shutters should still be looked after, so they’re in perfect condition for the summertime. Discover our expert tips on how to take care of your outdoor window furnishings over the winter and why it’s so important.

Roll Them Down And Air Them Out

Keeping your blinds or shutters rolled up for an extended period is an easy way to trap dirt and dust, which could mark or even damage your outdoor furnishings. We recommend rolling them down regularly over the winter, giving them a chance to air out and prevent creases.

If you have found trapped dirt during this process, we recommend giving your blinds or shutters a quick clean before allowing them to dry and rolling them back up. Rolling up damp blinds can cause mould or mildew to grow, which could affect the quality and appearance of your furnishings.

Outdoor Blinds And Shutters

Check Them After Extreme Weather

It’s not uncommon to experience extreme weather conditions in Australia over the winter. Hailstorms, heavy rain, and snow can all potentially impact your window treatments, which is why checking your outdoor blinds and shutters after experiencing weather like this is so important.

Clear away any snow or hail that might’ve stuck to your blinds and shutters, before checking for any damage. If your blinds or shutters have been damaged and can no longer function as intended, we recommend replacing them as soon as possible. Outdoor window furnishings can help reduce your energy bills by retaining heat inside your home, whereas damaged window furnishings won’t be as effective.

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Be Gentle When Handling

Though outdoor blinds and shutters are resilient, rough handling can still lead to a shorter lifespan and the potential need for replacements. Ensure you close and open your outdoor window furnishings gently, grease any mechanisms yearly to prevent rust or stiffness and only use recommended cleaning products.

This should be done year-round, but especially in the winter when outdoor blinds and shutters aren’t used as regularly.

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Avoid Harsh Methods Of Cleaning

Whilst it’s important to regularly clean and maintain your outdoor shutters and blinds over the winter, certain cleaning methods should be avoided. Don’t use power washers, bleach or other strong chemicals to remove stains, as this can weaken, discolour and damage the fabric.

All you need to clean outdoor blinds and shutters is soapy water and a brush. Doing this frequently will prevent stains and the build-up of mould, just make sure your window furnishings are dry before rolling them back up.

If you follow our advice and take proper care of your outdoor shutters and blinds over the winter months, they’ll be in perfect condition for when summer rolls around. For more information on looking after your window furnishings, please visit our Hints & Tips advice page.

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