How To Choose The Right Colour Curtains

Kim Ray

BY Kim Ray

Published: 14 April 2023 Updated: 10 January 2024

With colour palettes exceeding 100 shades in some cases, choosing the right colour for your curtains can be a tough decision. Find out what colours you should consider, when choosing curtains to suit your home, style and personality. 

Colour can have a significant impact on the ambience in the room in any home. We explore the importance of selecting a curtain colour that will compliment your style and overall look and feel of your home, in this blog.

Golden Rule

Before anything else, it’s important to take a close look at the room where the curtains will be installed. What colours are the walls and the floors? Is the furniture bright and vivid? Golden rule, if there is already something dominant in the room, the curtains would be better as a gentle colour.

If statement pieces for furniture and décor adorn your room, curtains in softer and more neutral, earthy or pastel tones would be the perfect option here. Think off-white, sandy browns, light grey, dusty pink and consider sheers for a light feeling too. Texture can make all the difference here!


Your Space, Your Room

The type of room or space, also determines what colour curtain works best. Generally, pop colours like bright orange, blue, yellow and the list goes on, are not recommended for your bedroom as they can keep you awake at night. Subtle Green would be a better choice for a calming effect, or dusty pink to increase the warmth of the room. Just picture those gorgeous rays of sunshine coming through these colours; perfection!

A large open space with grey carpet, a white bathtub and closed black sheer curtains with a dark grey roller blind


Light curtains are very popular for being soft and elegant, and they also make a small room appear larger. Light curtains also have more fabric choices. They can be made of flowy material for a timeless, classic look. However, light curtains also show stains and dust more easily, so they may not be ideal for some rooms.



Dark curtains add a sense of contrast and sophistication to a room. If a Regal look is what you want to achieve, then head straight for the dark swatches and consider velvet drapes for the ultimate in luxury. These colours can be used to highlight a space and make it a feature in a room. Dark curtains also don’t show stains or dust as easily as light curtains do.

However, dark curtains make a room appear smaller. They can also lose their colour over time if the room receives a lot of sunlight.

If you are thinking of going with dark curtains, ensure that your room has enough space to make them work. They are also better paired with lighter walls and furniture – otherwise they will likely clash.


Still not sure what colour works for you? View our curtains buying guide for more assistance and have our décor consultant visit you at an in-home consultation. Our décor consultants will provide you with expert advice and show you the best options to suit your home.

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