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Kim Ray

BY Kim Ray

Published: 31 January 2019 Updated: 28 May 2024

Curtains can be the finishing touch in any room. Before you buy, read our guide and find out how to choose curtains that fit and complement your style.


Curtains add the perfect finishing touch to a room. Curtains can make an ordinary room look more luxurious. They can let you control light, add privacy, and insulate your space.

To get a stunning result, it’s important to choose the right style, material, and fabric weight. You also need to measure and fit your curtains properly.

Our handy guide takes you through the different curtains available — as well as the benefits of each. We’ll cover your top questions, from buying curtains to installation.

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Neutral living room with grey couch and two beige and brown chairs complimented by cream sheer eyelet curtains

Buying DIY Curtains vs. Done For You Curtains

When buying curtains, you can either do it yourself or get help from specialists. It’s easy to buy curtains off the shelf (or online). However, if you do it yourself, you must measure, select, and fit the curtains properly.

Window treatments are too noticeable to get wrong, so there are risks to DIYing your curtains. That’s why at Victory Blinds, we specialise in Done For You curtains. It starts with helping you to choose the right curtains for each room.

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How to Buy the Right Curtains

Different rooms need different curtains. Some rooms need more privacy, and others need more light. Curtains can even affect how much energy you use.

With so many factors to consider, it helps to have professional guidance. That’s why our designers consult with you to find the curtains that fit your style, budget, and the purpose of your room.

Read on to discover the styles of curtains you can buy.

A living room with a grey couch and a navy wall complimented by a cream blockout curtain

How to Choose Curtain Headings

How your curtains drape from the top to the bottom is defined by how they join the pole or track. This is called the heading, and we’ve selected our most popular headings.

S Fold Curtain Headings
S Fold curtain headings are perfect for an elegant, modern, and luxurious look. The curtain falls in soft, s-like rippling folds allowing more of the fabric to be seen. S Fold curtains can be fitted to a slim track or a decorative rod.

Pinch Pleat Curtain Headings
Pinch pleat curtain headings draw together lots of fabric, which is gathered in bunches and stitched to create a highly decorative finish featuring elegant folds flowing to the floor. You can have pinch pleat headings with either a pole or a track.

Pencil Pleat Curtain Headings
Pencil pleat curtains headings are a classic style. The fabric is gathered in uniform pleats at the top of the curtain. Pencil pleat headings can be used to create a variety of looks and can be fixed to a pole or a track.

Eyelet Curtain Headings
Eyelet curtain headings are threaded onto a pole through metal rings, with the curtains hanging in deep, uniform folds from the top to the bottom. This simple style is more common with off-the-shelf curtains.

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Layering Curtains & Adding Sheers

Layering Curtains
For added effect, you can layer other products with curtains at your window. This could be for aesthetic or practical reasons. Layering different blinds with curtains is a great way to combine fabrics at a window to create a sense of depth by playing with textures and patterns. Or you might choose a blind to layer with curtains to increase the blackout effect or to enhance sound or heat insulation.

Adding Sheers
Another option is layering curtains with sheer curtains. The combination of light sheer curtains with a full curtain looks fantastic, adding a delicate touch to a window. Sheer curtains also add privacy during the day, though you’ll need opaque curtains for privacy at night. If you’re unsure how to layer curtains or sheers, have no fear! Victory Blinds décor consultants can help you achieve an effortlessly stylish layered look.


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Choosing a Curtain Lining

While layers are separate, linings are attached to the back of your curtain. Linings add a luxurious and full finish to your curtains. Yet, they aren’t purely decorative — linings are also functional. Thermal curtain linings can help insulate your home. Blackout curtain linings provide extra light control.

If you purchase curtains off the shelf or online, you’ll almost always have to buy linings separately. At Victory Blinds, all of our curtains are available with linings. Our consultants can walk you through the options and show you how different linings will look with your curtains.


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Finishing with Stylish Accessories

The finishing curtain accessories you choose are every bit as important as the curtain fabric. Do you want a track or a pole? If it’s a pole, you’ll need to choose a “finial,” which is a decorative ornament at the end of the pole. You might also want curtain tiebacks, which are available in a variety of styles.

There are many options for finishing your curtains. When you book an in-home appointment with a Victory Blinds decor consultant, we can help you choose just the right finishing touches.

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How to Get Accurate Curtain Measurements

There are many “tricks” to getting the right curtain fit. If your measurements are wrong, you could end up with curtains that are too short or too long. You might notice too much or too little curtain fullness.

You should be delighted with the look of your new curtains and love living with them for many years to come. That’s why we offer an in-home service, with one of our curtains experts coming to your home to measure up. Made-to-measure curtains can be that easy! Victory Blinds takes all the worry and risk out of measuring windows for a tailored finish.

Modern dining room with table and chairs complimented by a beige S fold blockout curtain

Curtain Installation & Hanging

Curtains may seem simple to install, but that’s a misconception. A poor installation can become an eyesore instead of an upgrade. The correct placement for curtain tracks and rods depends on the type of curtain and your room. It takes expertise to get it right.

Curtain rods that aren’t mounted properly can hurt small children and pets. You can also damage your walls or new curtains when you try to DIY your installation. Skip the stress and risk. With Victory Blinds, just sit back, relax, and get your custom curtains professionally installed.

Woman drinking tea observing layered linen curtains with blackout curtains and several plants on the floor

Cost of DIY Curtains vs. Custom Curtains

DIY curtains can easily go wrong! It’s too easy to make an error in your measurements, installation, or even your choice of curtains. You might not know what’s “off” with your curtains. You just feel disappointed and frustrated that you can’t achieve that magazine look. Soon, you’re pulling out your wallet again, looking for replacement curtains.

When you work with Victory Blinds, we’ll ensure you get your custom curtains right the first time — so you can enjoy a magazine-worthy window treatment for decades.


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