Introducing Colour Into The Home

Emily Wells

BY Emily Wells

Published: 18 August 2022 Updated: 29 May 2024

Looking for ways to introduce colour into the home? Take a look at our expert guide below for the best interior inspiration and start transforming your favourite spaces today. 


There’s no escaping green in interiors, as it’s been recognised as the ‘it’ colour for 2022. Known as the queen of colours for growth and new beginnings, it’s only expected that everyone is splashing sage and oozing olive onto their walls post-pandemic. In this blog, we explore the benefits of adding green to your interior, so you can have a go and introduce the colour yourself.

Pastel-coloured greens like mint and pistachio are the most nourishing tones of green, making them the perfect choice for the bedroom where a good night’s sleep is key. As a non-stimulating colour, having a bedroom with light green accents will induce your quality of sleep meaning you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and revived. Opt for a pistachio bedspread and complement it with a crisp white roller blind to create a meditative environment. 

If dark green is your preferred wall colour, it’s important you incorporate some light, reflective materials to prevent the space from looking too gloomy. The two m’s, mirrors and metallics are also great for dark green interiors as they instantly lift the shade as well as provide that sense of drama. 



Although it may seem like a daring choice, shades of orange provide an inviting feel to your home. Orange holds connotations of warmth and symbolises good health, just what you want to turn your house into your home. If you’re a little bit of an orange newbie, don’t fret, we’re here to provide you with tips on how to incorporate different shades of orange in your home. Burnt orange is perfect for adding a touch of heat to your interior and tapping into earthy pigments as complementary colours might be a wise choice. Soft browns, greyish blues and forest greens are just some of the shades that work well with burnt orange walls, so add these shades through soft furnishings like your curtains. 

Terracotta in Italian translates as “baked earth”, so it’s no surprise that the shade is described as deep-fire orange with a touch of brown. This colour isn’t as simple as it seems though; it can actually range into peachier shades with undertones of grey and beige. Earthy terracotta pairs perfectly with blush pink and a mixture of layers and patterns to provide a calm atmosphere in the bedroom. Give neutral walls a wash of warm terracotta and add some green indoor plants to purify your dreamy bedroom.  

Rose Gold Pinch Pleat Curtians 521X800


For some, purple can be seen as a controversial colour to add to your interior as it’s often perceived to offset negativity in the home. We’re here to tell you that isn’t the case and to reassure you that purple in the home can actually enhance the sophistication and that sense of royalty. 

Plum curtains in the living room is perfect for someone with expensive taste! The rich shade promotes luxury and elegance, but use it sparingly, as too much of it could potentially look immature. If you decide plum is for you, you might want to include it in your soft furnishing accessories like cushions and throws or opt for a pinch of purple on your window dressings. 

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, It’s best to avoid any deep shades of purple in your bedroom, as the colour can overstimulate your mind causing you to have those dreaded nightmares! 

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Similar to purple, more vibrant shades of pink like fuchsia are best to avoid in the bedroom. This strong shade of pink is extremely dramatic on the eye and may cause you to stay awake at night as your brain tries to process the shade before bed. If you’re a big fan of fuchsia but not the biggest fan of waking up tired, you might want to include it in small doses. Try injecting the shade through pink vases or Fuschia flowers, so you don’t wake up feeling tired from any bad dreams.

On the other hand, light shades of pink are perfect for your bedroom, bathroom or even your living room, as it’s a colour that can help you feel relaxed and stress-free. It works wonderfully on your walls in a pastel or salmon shade, or if you prefer a pop of colour, accessorise with pink towels and bath mats. 

Kids Room Pink And Grey 590X394


There are many ways you can incorporate this warm and happy shade into your home. As an inviting colour, yellow is the perfect tone for your front door and can be used to welcome guests into your house all year round. If you’re a little nervous that painting your front door is too much, a simple sunny yellow doormat can have the same effect when placed at the entrance to your home. 

Calming and restorative, yellow not only lends itself to social areas like your dining room or living room but it also works nicely in snug and secluded rooms, like a home office. A chic yellow roller blind can be used to accessorise your office and add joy to your working week! 

For smaller injections of yellow into a plain room, add lemon flowers which will not only enhance the aesthetics of your area but will make it smell lovely and fresh too.

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Water and the sky, we’re surrounded by blue every day! Blue is the ideal colour to add to your living room as it emits feelings of calm and provides elegance, great for the social space that’s often the centre of the home.

You could also experiment with royal blue patterns on either a mat or window dressing in your bathroom which will add character and depth to your space. 

Using baby blue in the bedroom can sometimes feel a little juvenile but it doesn’t have to overpower your space. One of the most classic colour combinations is blue and white, which evokes a breezy, fresh feel in your bedroom.

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