Plantation Shutters

    Ideal for

  • Living

  • Dining

  • Kitchen

  • Laundry

  • Bedrooms

  • Nursery

  • Vanity/Glamour Room

  • Walk in Wardrobe

  • Ensuite/Bathroom

  • Theatre Room

  • Study


  • 5 Year Warranty

  • Child Safe

    Available in

  • Sustainable Eco-Friendly Timbers

  • PVC or ABS for Wet Areas

  • Sliding Panels

  • Fully Framed Hinged Panels

  • Bi-Fold Panels


  • NEW Concealed Tilt option

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The beauty and elegance of Plantation Shutters have stood the test of time with their stylish, sleek, chic design. Plantation Shutters create a fresh, minimalistic look and will complement almost any interior décor, making them an incredibly popular window furnishing. Victory Blinds’ Plantation Shutters provide great ventilation and light control for your home. Choose a colour to match your decor with our bespoke range.

Our range of Plantation Shutters are custom made to suit your home and are beautifully crafted from natural timbers, PVC, composite timbers and aluminium. Plantation Shutters can be made to suit variety shaped windows including octagonal, arched or angled windows. Our sleek Clearview option has no visible control, making these shutters the perfect solution to modern decor. We have also just released a Concealed Tilt, which has no visible tilt control for the ultimate in a seamless, contemporary or minimalistic finish.

Choose from our range Plantation Shutters in a variety of natural timbers including:

Paulownia Plantation Hardwood– Certified ECO friendly from sustainable forests (The responsible choice).

  • Paulownia is a versatile, dimensionally stable, consistently knot-free, durable quality timber that is easily machined and takes a variety of stains, polishes, glues and paints
  • Paulownia wood is generally insect and rot resistant. It is sound absorbent and has excellent acoustic and insulation properties.

Basswood– A popular choice with similar properties to Paulownia.

PVC or ABS– These Plantation Shutters are perfect for wet areas, coastal environments or tropical climates. The beautifully washed timber textures of these Plantation Shutters complement coastal interiors and bring the feeling of summer to your home all year round. Both PVC and ABS are proven high quality designed to last and not to warp.

Panel Options include:  

Fully Framed Hinged Shutters can be configured to suit all types of spaces and are excellent for medium to small windows.

Sliding Shutters are fantastic for wide, open areas and are a great option when treating sliding doors.

Bi-Folding Shutters are really versatile and help to create a spacious look in your home. This design will suit most window widths and heights.

Victory Quality Finishes

Custom Made 
Our range of Plantation Shutters are custom made to suits your needs and are beautifully crafted from natural timbers, PVC, composite timbers and aluminium.

Plantation Shutters can be made to suit all sorts of shaped windows including octagonal, arched or angled windows.

Flexible Control Options 
Adjust your Plantation Shutters from the centre or have them offset. Our sleek Clearview option has no visible control.  NEW Concealed Tilt option available now.

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