Benefits of eyelet curtains

Our eyelet curtains not only enhance your interior design with a touch of modern sophistication, but they also offer effortless installation and smooth gliding operation. Enjoy optimal light control and privacy, while adding a stylish statement to your room. Elevate your home with Victory Blinds' eyelet curtains for a perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality.

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Why choose Victory for eyelet curtains?

Enhance your room with our exquisite range of eyelet curtains. Choose us for unparalleled excellence:


- Free measure and installation


- Up to 5 year guarantee


- Price match promise


- Buy now, pay later option


- Over 35 years of experience

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Our eyelet curtains service


In-home consultation

In Home Consultation

Explore our full range of curtain fabrics and colours with a local design consultant who'll help you find the best style to complement your space


Measure and quote

Measure And Quote

During the visit, your consultant will take precise measurements and provide a personalised quote



Blinds Production

Your custom-made curtains are handcrafted by experts using the highest quality materials


Professional installation

Curtains Installation

Your installer returns to fit your eyelet curtains and talk you through anything you need to know

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What are eyelet curtains?

Eyelet curtains are a stylish and practical window treatment option. These curtains feature metal-ringed eyelets that provide smooth movement and come in a variety of plain and blockout styles. Our experts offer tailored advice to help you choose the perfect curtains that complement your house's decor. Explore a wide range of colours and elevate your interior aesthetics with our premium curtain selection.

How are eyelet curtains measured?

At Victory Blinds, measuring your windows for eyelet curtains is a seamless experience. Our full-service approach ensures precise measurements, tailored to fit your window size perfectly. Our expert advice and practical solutions guarantee that your home's aesthetic is elevated, while our wide range of colours allows you to seamlessly integrate these stylish curtains into your house's decor.

Can I put eyelet curtains on a track?

Our eyelet curtains are specifically designed to be fitted on poles, ensuring the smooth gliding of metal eyelets. Regrettably, they cannot be hung on tracks. This deliberate design choice guarantees an effortless and elegant curtain operation, enhancing both the aesthetic and functionality of your window treatments.

How to hang eyelet curtains?

For curtain maintenance or cleaning, follow these easy steps: gently remove the eyelet curtains from the pole, and when ready, rehang them by simply sliding the metal-ringed eyelets onto your curtain pole for a seamless display. Enjoy the perfect blend of convenience and elegance with our window treatment solutions.

Are eyelet curtains blackout?

Absolutely they can be, Victory Blinds' eyelet curtains come in both blockout or light filtering fabrics. Our blockout range is designed to effectively block out sunlight, providing enhanced privacy and light control for any room. Our premium blockout curtains not only prevent harsh sunlight from entering, but they also safeguard your furniture and interiors from fading due to excessive light exposure. Elevate your house with our stylish and functional blockout curtains, creating a comfortable and well-lit room ambiance.

How to wash eyelet curtains?

Properly cleaning curtains depends on factors like fabric texture and the type of dirt or stains. For easy-to-clean curtains, use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to maintain their appearance and keep them free from dust. For tougher stains, consider spot cleaning or professional dry cleaning services to protect the fabric's integrity.

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