The Benefits of Cellular Honeycomb Blinds

Emily Wells

BY Emily Wells

Published: 24 June 2022 Updated: 02 May 2023

Deciding how to furnish the windows in your home can be tricky, especially with the wide range of choices currently available on the market. So, if you’re looking for more information before you make your purchase, allow us to guide you through the benefits of one of our favourite window dressings, cellular honeycomb blinds.

1. Unique Design

A great feature of these blinds is their unique pleated design and structure, resembling that of a honeycomb whilst fitting snugly against your windows. Their modern appearance makes them the perfect addition to any home and they can also be customised based on pleat size and colour. So whether you’re furnishing your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen, cellular honeycomb blinds can be adapted to each space.

2. Insulation

Another highlight of these blinds is their insulating properties. With the temperature starting to drop, it’s important to keep your home comfortable and warm throughout the winter months, and one easy way to do this is with the installation of cellular honeycomb blinds.

Their pleated pockets easily trap heat and act as a barrier against the external climate, allowing you to regulate the temperature inside your home without an issue. This doesn’t just create a better environment year-round, it can also reduce the cost of your energy bills by up to 32% (in comparison with roller blinds).

3. Made to Measure

Whilst this isn’t a feature with every cellular honeycomb blind, it certainly is with Victory. All of our blinds products are made to measure, fitting perfectly against your windows regardless of shape or size. Each order is custom manufactured to fit square, rectangle, sloped or even triangular windows, so no matter how oddly shaped your windows are, our blinds will fit.

We’ll take all necessary measurements during your free in-home appointment, before providing you with a quote for your made-to-measure cellular honeycomb blinds.

4. Sound Reduction

There’s nothing more annoying than street noise, especially when you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep. But this is where cellular blinds comes in. Not only do their pleated features trap heat they also trap sound, reducing the amount of noise that makes its way into your home by up to 50%.

If the sound of road traffic or noisy neighbours is disrupting your daily routine, these window furnishings may be the perfect solution. Whilst they won’t block the noise completely, they can certainly make a difference.

5. Light Control

Blinds in general are great at giving you additional control over the light in your home, but cellular honeycomb blinds even more so. They can be customised as a top down bottom up window covering, meaning you can let the light in through the top or bottom. This feature also allows you to control privacy levels, leaving your home more secure and giving you peace of mind. Our range also includes a wide choice of light filtering fabrics, so you can block out or let in as much light as you wish.

Cellular honeycomb blinds come with various benefits and can vastly improve the aesthetic of your home as well as reducing energy bills. If you’d like to learn more about these window dressings and how these can fit in your home, please get in touch with Victory Blinds to book a free in-home appointment.

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