Shade and Shelter Tips

When it comes to planning a garden, we know that if you plant the right kind of trees in the right locations around the perimeter of a house that it can save you on your energy costs.


However, trees can only do so much. That’s where quality outdoor window coverings come in! All it takes is placing the right window covering in the right part of your house to create the best microclimate for your home all year around.


Here’s some tips to consider when the choosing right outdoor window coverings for each aspect of your home.



North facing living spaces of your home are exposed to more sunlight than any other orientation in the southern hemisphere. Folding Arm Awnings, paired with a screen or window film can significantly reduce glare entering your home and provide that much need shade from the sun, particularly in the summer months. Tropical Louvres are also a great shading solution to control light both and ventilation in these situations.




As the sun rises, your house can start to bake. It’s also a crucial side of the home to consider if bedrooms face this direction, as poor window coverings can mean that you are forced to wake up at the crack of dawn when the sun comes up! By pairing a good set of internal blockout blinds or curtains with a cassetteor traditional awning, these rooms can remain dark and cool in the morning when it counts.




Although south facing windows don’t experience high levels of sunlight, it’s important to have versatile window coverings to protect your home from other elements. In colder conditions southerly winds can thrash your house with cold air entering via tiny cracks. An external blind such as cassette sunscreensziptraks or eZips remain flush to the wall, preventing the wind from whipping around the edges of the blind and protecting your windows from the elements.




The west side of a house is exposed to hot afternoon sun, particularly in summer. This is warmly welcomed in the winter months, but can turn the rooms of your home into a sweltering sauna during the warmer months, creating uncomfortable living spaces and fading your furnishings. This is when you need an awning with heavy fabric such as canvas. A retractable awning from Victory’s traditional range will help stop the strong sun when you want and keep the inside temperature comfortable.



Let us help you find the best window covering solution to help you save on energy costs and to create comfortable living all year around.


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