Indoor and Outdoor climate control sensors

    Ideal for

  • Mancaves

  • Dining

  • Ensuite/Bathroom

  • Living

  • Nursery

  • Vanity/Glamour Room

  • Theatre Room

  • Kitchens

  • Bedrooms

  • Study

  • Office


  • 12 Month Motorisation Warranty

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When it comes to saving power, everyone knows what to do.

Switch off lights when they’re not in use, only use climate control when needed, don’t leave all your appliances on standby, and so on. Unfortunately, most of us are too time-poor to get these things right all the time. This results in higher power bills, especially at the hottest and coldest times of the year.

A modest investment in home automation, with climate control sensors,  helps you become time-rich by delegating all those little tasks to the house itself. The result will be a more comfortable, convenient home life and lower energy bills.


Indoor wirefree rts sun to benefit from comfort and energy saving. Can be positioned everywhere you want: 2 positions for the suction cup: one for the window glass, one for the window frame or table.  The use of these sensors will allow the control of your Somfy motorised window furnishing based on the suns position, providing comfort. Protects the inside of the house from luminosity UV temperature: it protects your house (furniture, plants… against sun aggressions)



Eolis wire free motion sensors are designed to be located where they are needed, on the awning base rail. This style of sensor provides a more efficient protection of your awning by measuring the winds impact on the awning itself rather than reacting to wind speed that may be having no impact on the awning.  

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