Ideal for

  • Patio

  • Window

  • Alfresco/Patio Area

  • Bbq Area


  • 5 Year Warranty

  • Australian Made

  • Child Safe

    Available in

  • 115mm Blade

  • 90mm Blade

  • Bi-Folding Panels

  • Hinged Panels

  • Sliding Panels

  • Aluminium, Woodgrain, Colorbond & Dulux Colours Available

  • Cyclone Rating Option


  • Custom colour available

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Enjoy the sophistication of the traditional outdoor Shutters with a much tougher material that withstands the external elements. Aluminium Shutters are incredibly durable and rust-resistant making them perfect for both internal and external use. Take control of your light, views and ventilation so you can sit back and enjoy your favourite living space. Aluminium Outdoor Shutters add a chic finish to your outdoor living space.

They provide a great sense of seclusion and help to regulate the light entering your home. Aluminium Shutters are perfect for wet areas for rooms that require extra privacy. Choose from our sliding, swinging or bi-folding Outdoor Shutters to suit your needs. Our Aluminium Shutters are available in wood grain finishes as well as a range of official Colorbond™ and Dulux colours to complement your other exterior finishes.

Aluminium Plantation Shutters add a chic finish to your indoor or outdoor living space. They provide a great sense of seclusion and help to regulate the light entering your home. Aluminium Plantation Shutters are perfect for wet areas for rooms that require extra privacy. Your outdoor area can even be fully secured with a selection of locking systems. Choose from our sliding, swinging or bi-folding Aluminium Plantation Shutter to suit your needs. Our Aluminium Plantation Shutters are available in wood grain finishes as well as a range of official Colorbond™ and Dulux colours to complement your other exterior finishes.

Hinged Shutters can be configured to suit all types of spaces and are excellent for medium to small windows. Sliding Shutters are fantastic for wide, open areas and are a great option when treating sliding doors. Bi-Folding Shutters are really versatile and help to create a spacious look in your home. This design will suit most window widths and heights. 

Victory Quality Finishes

Added Security

Your outdoor area can be fully secured with locking systems including blade locks, flushbolts, and keyable locks.


Select Your Blade

Choose from our 90mm and 115mm blades to create the perfect look and level of ventilation for your home. Both blade sizes have stiffened ribs for greater strength and durability.



Victory Curtains and Blinds‘ Aluminium Plantation Shutters are available in sliding, bi-folding, hinged or fixed varieties to suit

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to book an appointment with a Victory Décor Consultant?

Both in-home and online video consultations are absolutely free of charge. Simply decide on your preferred method of consultation and a Team Member from the Victory Customer Contact Centre will arrange it for you.

Should I book an in-home or video consultation?

A Victory Décor Consultants can provide a consultation with you either in your home, or via video consultation. For finalization of fabric selections and for inquiries that require various window furnishing solutions, it is recommended that an in-home appointment is booked to ensure that the best possible solutions can be identified.

Can I book an appointment after working hours or on a weekend?

Yes, the Victory Décor Consultants understand that our customers are often busy during the working week. Therefore, after hours appointments are available so that we can fit in with a time that suits you best.

Does Victory Curtains and Blinds offer an installation service?

Yes, we offer a complete service that includes consultation and installation. This way you can rest assured that you will make the right product selections for your needs, and your products will be installed by a trained professional.

How long will my order take?

The production lead times for our customer’s orders will always vary depending on the products that are selected. Some products such as roller blinds can be available within 3 weeks however other products can take longer. The Victory Décor Consultant will be able to provide you with a timing estimate depending on your product selection at the time of consultation.

How do I decide on what type of window furnishings will work best in my home?

The first consideration that a Décor Consultant will work with you to understand is whether your desires are aesthetically driven, or based from a practical requirement. For example, is your goal to achieve a particular style within your home, or is it about increasing thermal qualities or daylight control within a particular room? Our Victory Décor Consultants are experienced in helping you make decisions that provide ideal solutions to meet your needs.

What is the warranty period that is offered on Victory products?

Our customers can be assured that their products are protected by a comprehensive warranty period. In the case of the Gravity Roller Blind range, a 3 year warranty period is provided whilst all other Victory products are offered with a 5 year warranty period.

Can Victory Curtains and Blinds provide a quote from a set of house plans?

Yes, house plans can be uploaded through the Victory website at . Simply upload your plans and a Victory Décor Consultant will be in touch to discuss your window furnishing options, pricing and timing.

Are Victory’s products custom made?

Yes, all of our products are manufactured for the specific needs of each customer’s home.

Are Victory’s products compliant with child safety requirements?

Yes, all of Victory’s products are built and installed to comply with the highest standards of child safety regulations.

Where are Victory’s products manufactured?

Nearly 80% of Victory’s product range is manufactured right here in Australia. The remaining products are manufactured in various other countries that are located in Asia and Europe.

Which blinds are best to provide privacy during the day time?

Depending on the desired effect, Victory offer various options to manage daytime privacy. The most common solution would be a block-out and screen roller blind, however other options include curtains or shutters. A Victory Décor Consultant can assist you to find the best possible solution to meet your objectives.

How do I care for my Victory window furnishings?

remove any blemishes. If necessary, use a citrus-based or non-ammonia based cleaner diluted with water. We recommend that you test this method in an inconspicuous area first to hide any unforeseen effects. For dust, we recommend using a static dust glove. For more complex issues or specific maintenance requirements, we recommend that you reach out to the Victory Team on 13 13 99 or at