Our Guide to Awnings

WHY are awnings the ideal solution for enhancing both indoor and outdoor living?

Awnings are a versatile solution when it comes to providing privacy, blocking out the sun, and protection from the heat and rain. Choosing the right awning can also protect you from the wind and those pesky insects.

Various operating systems can be tailor made to suit specific design applications including easiest and best option when it comes to using and controlling your awnings.

Options vary enormously including traditional awnings and the modern range of ‘’Today’’ awnings. Motorisation is also very popular as it is practical, especially for larger awnings or areas where access is difficult. You can even operate awnings by using your smart device such as your mobile or tablet to create a comfortable environment at any time.

For added protection from extreme elements you can also link your smart device to the Bureau of Meteorology which can send signals to operate the blind depending on weather conditions. Now that’s really smart. Wind and sun sensors can also operate awnings depending on climate conditions. This feature helps protect you and the awning from Australia’s climate extremes.

So where do you start when choosing the right awnings for your special situation?

The easiest and quickest way to find out more is to have a Victory Décor consultant provide you with a free in home consultation which includes a measure and quote.

Here’s a quick guide to some of the many awning options available:

Traditional Awnings Including:

  • Auto spring roller awnings
  • Crank operated awnings
  • PVC Café Blinds to create an instant sun room for maximum view
  • EZIPS for added protection
  • Ziptraks – for fast and easy operation

Victory’s Today Awnings:

  • Drop Arm – providing a canopy effect
  • Vertiscreen – sleek and good looking
  • Crank operated wire guides for a modern touch
  • Patio Pleats – Mediterranean feel and versatility for large patio areas



Make your awnings come alive with the right choice in fabrics from tinted PVC through to various densities of woven fabrics plus modern acrylics and traditional canvas each with their own unique advantage for that special situation. And the colour choices are endless giving you a tailored look that you can call your own.

Tip -Awnings can suit any home with its modern look and streamline head box that provide greater protection to the fabric. Use a colour that complements the rest of the home!


Sun damage can affect flooring, furniture and special wall paintings that are exposed to too much UV meaning colour and texture can slowly fade away over time. This is where Awnings protect your home internally and externally by protecting you and your precious belongings against the harsh Australian sun.


So, is all this too much? At Victory we don’t think so.  We can guide you all the way and take the worry out of choosing the right individual awning solution.

Contact us today for a free in-home measure and quote.

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