Reduce the heat, cold and noise in your home with Victory's exclusive ThermalView technology!

ThermalView gives you the all the benefits of a visonweave roller blind and a cellular blind in one package.

Using Victory's dual blind system to best effect, ThermalView gives you a roller blind on one side and a cellular blind on the other, making for impressive insulation abilities and a number of different settings.

Have the normal roller blind down during an average day to let some light in and have a sleeker looking window covering, or have the cellular blind down to block out light and utilise its impressive insulation properties.

However, have both the roller and cellular blinds down in extreme weather to regulate your room temperature and guarantee your comfort. And of course, they can both be retracted to reveal the full window view, just like a normal set of blinds.

ThermalView allows your home to have the best of both worlds in terms of blinds. With all the insulation power from cellular blinds, combined with the sleek design of our roller blinds, this cutting-edge convergence is a must have for rooms looking for impressive customizability and temperature control.

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