Family-Friendly Locations in Australia

Family with two children on the beach in Australia

It can be tricky finding the right place to live, especially if you have children as there are so many things to consider.  The team here at Victory looked at a number of factors including house prices, child-friendly activities, restaurants, schools, and crime rates in 37 locations to discover the most and least family-friendly locations in Australia.  

Each factor in every location was rated in order and assigned a score from 1-38, 1 being the best and 38 the worst. The locations with the fewest points in total are more family-friendly and those with the most points are less family-friendly. 

Infographic of the most family-friendly locations in Australia

The most family-friendly location is the Sunshine Coast, which has the smallest overall score of 41 points. The Sunshine Coast has around 160 child-friendly things to do, many schools, and a fairly low crime index of 23.59. This was followed by Brisbane and Sydney on 45 and 46 points respectively. As expected Sydney has the highest number of child-friendly restaurants (1217) and things to do (240) but also had a higher crime index (33.44). 

Map of Australia showing the most family-friendly locations

With the exception of Perth, all of the top ten family-friendly locations are towards the east or southeast of Australia and all have a score of 70 or below. 

Infographic showing bottom 3 least family-friendly locations in Australia

Bunbury is the least family-friendly location, scoring 137 points in total. The research found that Bunbury has very few child-friendly restaurants or things to do and a higher than average crime index of 66.18, more than double that of the Sunshine Coast.  Bunbury was followed by Sunbury and Tweed Heads as the next least family-friendly locations. 

The full list of locations and their scores are below:

Table showing the rankings of the most to least family-friendly locations in Australia



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