Choosing the Right Outdoor Fabric

As the summer months draw closer and the weather really starts to heat up, we’re all reminded how much the hot sun manages to stream into your home leaving your living spaces glary, stuffy and downright uncomfortable. The best way to beat the heat this summer is to stop the hot sun well before it can enter your home. How? With an outdoor awning, of course.

But with so many different options the choices can become overwhelming. So we’re cutting out all the confusion!

Discover the different types of outdoors fabrics here.

PVC is great in situations where you’re looking to completely seal off an area such as a deck or alfresco area, protecting you from the wind and rain. Clear varieties of PVC will also give you uninterrupted views of your outdoor space and tinted PVC will reduce the amount of glare entering your living area.

These window coverings are available in PVC:
 Cafe Blinds
– Ziptrak Blinds
– Cassette Sunscreens

Mesh is a great application for areas where you’d like to maintain your beautiful views. These screen fabrics allow an area to breathe with fresh air, allowing you to take advantage of the great outdoors without the hassle of rain, hot sun, wind and pesky insects.

These window coverings are available in Mesh:
– Folding Arm Awnings
– Cafe Blinds
– Traditional Awnings

Canvas is a natural fibre and is the best fabric when wanting to block out the majority of the sun’s rays, minimising direct heat penetrating and hitting your windows. Canvas is also an excellent choice when wanting to reduce glare and light. So, if the aim is to keep your home cooler and provide room darkening, then canvas is the fabric for you!

These window coverings are available in Canvas:
– Folding Arm Awnings
– Cafe Blinds
– Traditional Awnings

Acrylic is the lightest fabric in our range. This fabric has a softer texture than canvas and is incredibly durable, providing your home with superior heat and moisture protection. Acrylic will let some light through, but it is not see-through like mesh and PVC varieties.

These window coverings are available in Acrylic:
– Folding Arm Awnings
– Cafe Blinds
– Traditional Awnings

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