Pay With Zip Money

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Customer Eligibility

Be aged 18 years or older Be an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident
Be employed in some capacity Earn more than $300 per week
Have a clean and well – established credit history Have your own valid and verifiable email address


Account Limits, Repayments & Fees

Once a customer has selected the account they will apply for, Zip will inform them of the terms below.

Account Limit Once-off Establishment Fee Min. Monthly Repayment
$5,000 $99 $80
$10,000 $99 $100
$15,000 $99 $200
$20,000 $99 $300
$25,000 $99 $400
$30,000 $99 $500
*Zip Money; or 2% of the balance owing – whichever is greater

Paying only the minimum monthly repayment amount will not pay out the purchase within the interest free period. A monthly account fee of $6.00 applies.



*No upfront payment applies to the setup of a Zip Money account. Victory Curtains and Blinds will require 50% deposit upon order confirmation.


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