6 Ways to Stay Cool in Summer

The best way to prevent heat from getting into your home is to create a barrier. Your home can stay cool and look great in summer with these innovative ideas that will save energy and money, plus enhance the look, feel, and value of your home!

1. Folding Arm Awnings

Folding Arm Awnings are a great way to stop the direct sun from entering your windows and heating your home. But they aren’t just designed for windows. They can be used to create a new living area outside in the hot sun, extend the roof of an existing patio, or create some extra shade for your swimming pool.


2. Patio Pleats

Patio Pleats aren’t just the latest trend, they’re also a great way to keep direct sunlight out on hot days and make your outside living areas useable on even the brightest sunny days. They look great and can even be motorised for easy operation.


3. Window Tints and Films

Window tints and films can block up to 80% of sunlight without losing your views. That makes your house cooler and will help prevent the fading of carpet and other furnishings. You can even get extra privacy with deep tint and a reflective film, or get creative with decorative films.


4. Aluminium Louvres

Aluminium Louvres are the number one choice of architects to passively reduce the heat entering buildings. That’s because they are effective, long-lasting and look great when done in a way that complements the building.


5. Traditional Awnings

Awnings don’t just prevent light, they stop the heat from getting into your home. Spray water on your awnings to help you cool your home even further and give you that much-needed relief from the hot Australian sun.


6. Ziptrak Blinds

Create an extra room and keep cool while enjoying the ambiance of the great outdoors. Apart from sun protection, Ziptrak Blinds also protect you from nasty insects, wind, and tropical downpours.

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